Making deals for the “chosen ones" available to retail investors
There are 2 types of deals available on the platform from which you can form your fast-growing portfolio
2 ways to invest on the platform
— this is the launch pad, the initial offer - an investment pool (syndicate) is formed on it, this is the most profitable way to invest before the crowd, entering at the very start of the project
Admission starts from $200 to $50,000 depending on the tariff
Investments from $10,
available for free
— this is a secondary market, suitable for regular weekly purchases and portfolio building, the ability to get liquidity at any time without waiting for the exit of the transaction
Get access to investments according to the author's strategy for only $10
Get access to the best investment tools for the elite through secured tokens
Fair access to the best strategies in the world, regardless of passport, citizenship and capital size
Secured tokens
Tokens are provided with real assets - shares in businesses and crypto startups, real estate. They are less susceptible to volatility, especially while assets are not traded on the stock exchange.
All rights are fixed on the Blockchain without intermediaries. You can dispose of them - sell, give and do not ask anyone for permission
Tokens are stored on your Blockchain wallet and only you have access to them
At the time of the transaction, an agreement is concluded with the investor, and all rights are regulated by international law within the framework of British law.
Fully legal ownership and dividend payments
Tokenization allows you to enter transactions with top funds starting from $ 10, thanks to investment syndicates, investors unite in pools (partnerships) and buy out large projects.
Entry from $ 10 to $ 50,000 into the transaction
Tokenization opens up an opportunity for a retail investor to exit ahead of schedule, digital rights in the form of tokens can be freely sold or transferred on the secondary market via Blockchain.
Early exit from the transaction without waiting for the listing
Get access to the platform before the crowd at the specified email in the application
Early access to the platform
Get to know the product in more detail thanks to a short presentation that reflects the essence of the platform
VC Pitch
What will I receive after completing the application?
Leave a request and get a bonus at the start