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Previously, deals for a selected few were available to 1% of people only
Early access to the best deals on the private market 12-36 months before going public
Target profit from 200% to 1000%
Investments starting from $100,000 + 10-deals portfolio
18 - 40 months payback period
Investing in stocks and tokens
Two strategies to choose from that differ in profitability and risk level
For each strategy, a portfolio of at least 10 deals is formed, so by investing from $ 100,000 you get excellent diversification plus our expertise in selecting the best deals on the market
Crypto Strategy Tokens 10х
Venture Strategy Stocks 5х
Startup tokens on the Blockchain, at an early stage 12-18 months before listing on the crypto exchange

Return on investment: 10x (1000%) *

Payback period: 12-18 months

Dividends: monthly payouts during 2-3 year

Risk: Above average

Discount from the public round: from 2 to 5x / 200-500%
Shares of fast-growing private companies at a mature stage 1-3 years before the IPO

Return on investment: 2-5x (200-500%) *

IPO deadline: 1-3 years

Risk: medium

Probability of bankruptcy <2%

Discount from the last financing round up to 75%
* Planned return on investment based on historical data on fund exits, as well as the results of stock exchange listing
Investment 2shares theses for 2x-10x capital growth
We enter 1% of the best deals on the private market
Investing before the crowd
We invest in fast-growing markets, where the investor receives additional profitability for free
We invest together with top ValueAdd funds that earn profit in 8 deals out of 10
We have been investing since 2015, creating syndicates since 2017, the fund's team has already formed algorithms, partnerships and strong expertise in selecting and entering the best deals.
The private market is growing 2 times faster than the public one, In the last decade almost all the return on investment falls at a stage when companies are not being traded yet on the stock exchange, so the public market is no longer suitable for capital increase.
The tide lifts all boats. We invest in markets that are growing by 30-100% per year. This is an additional return that a smart investor receives for free.
Andressen Horowitz, Sequoia Capital, Binance Labs, Coinbase Ventures, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Multicoin etc.

Our algorithm tracks the investments of 95+ funds that selectively invest at early stages in 1% of the best projects on the market. Besides giving projects the money these funds usually are the major reason of startup success
* Leave a request now and get a presentation of 2 fund strategies
1. Investing in fast-growing markets
Blockchain Market +86.2% Annual Growth
Blockchain is a fast-growing market that, according to various forecasts, will grow from 62.4 to 87.7% annually from 2023 to 2030 (Grow Rate CAGR).

The tide lifts all boats!
* Grand View Research forecast, market growth 86.2%
It’s like the early days of the internet when a lot of people thought we were crazy
Billionaire Mark Cuban, who earned more than $4 billion thanks to his early-stage investments during the dotcom boom
Artificial intelligence +38.1% annual growth
In 2022, 34 new "unicorns" in the field of AI appeared in the world & their total number has increased to 166 companies.

The size of the global artificial intelligence (AI) market in 2022 was estimated at 119.78 billion US dollars, it is expected that by 2030 it will reach 1,591.03 billion US dollars with a registered average annual growth rate of 38.1% from 2022 to 2030
2. We invest in stocks & tokens of private companies ahead of the crowd - 12-36 months before listing on the stock exchange
The private market is growing 2 times faster than stocks that are traded on the public stock exchange
In the new millennium, the net asset value of private equity has grown faster than the capitalization of the public market, and this trend is expected to continue
* According Andreessen Horowitz "Technology financing in the USA — what's going on" statistics, 2015
Almost the entire return on investment falls
on the stage when the company is being traded traded on the stock exchange yet
The tech giants of the old world grew up on public markets,
the new unicorns give out all their growth at private stages
* According Andreessen Horowitz "Technology financing in the USA — what's going on" statistics, 2015
It is easier for small private companies to grow
Ultra-rich investors get richer due to fast-growing small-cap companies.

Of course, for companies with a capitalization of $100 million. it will not be difficult to grow 4-8 times, but for Apple worth 2.5 trillion to increase revenue by 10%, it’s needed to earn an additional $34 billion per year

Another plus of the private asset market is that it almost does not correlate with other markets - stocks, bonds, raw materials and cryptocurrencies and is used primarily to make rich people even richer
The demand for public rounds is ten times higher than the supply
Ordinary private investors have access only to assets that are already being traded on exchanges - stocks and cryptocurrencies.

Due to offer limitedness and a queue of buyers, the price of shares in the first hours of trading soars several times from our entry price, and for tokens by dozens of times (10-20x).
*Statistics on listing on top crypto exchanges (IEO) from 9x to 193x for 3 years, shows the maximum x (ATH - all time hi), which are usually achieved in the first days of trading
3. We invest together with top funds that consistently show the best return on investment and the best % of profitable transactions
The main criterion for selecting promising deals is strong backers presence - lead investor, funds, advisors. The statistics of funds investment results of funds is an excellent guide for the initial selection transaction.

In total, we track 250+ venture and crypto funds on the subject of how they affect future profitability - their connections, the legal part (legal), development, marketing, tokenomics (crypto-economics of the project), etc.
We invest with those who bring 8 out of 10 deals to plus
What are the advantages of tokenized assets:
Fair access to the best strategies in the world, regardless of passport, citizenship and capital size
The 2shares Fund acquires an illiquid asset and issues tokens provided by this real asset. Such tokens are less susceptible to volatility, especially while assets are not being traded on the stock exchange.

Tokens determine the investor's share and his right to receive income from an asset in the form of an increase in value or receiving payments in the form of dividends.
Tokens are provided by real assets
According to the Global Wealth Report 2022 from Credit Suisse, 65% of the money for the year rich and super-rich people earned on financial assets and primarily on technology companies.

Our fund selects the best deals on the private market and further tokenizes the deals into an asset, which gives a number of additional advantages compared to the direct purchase of the asset:
All rights are fixed on the Blockchain without intermediaries. You can dispose of them - sell, give and do not ask anyone for permission
Tokens are stored on your Blockchain wallet and only you have access to them
At the time of the transaction, an agreement is concluded with the investor, and all rights are regulated by international law within the framework of British law.
Fully legal ownership and dividend payments
Tokenization allows you to enter the transactions together with top funds, thanks to investment syndicates, investors unite in pools (partnerships) and buy out large projects.

The ability to receive a large allocation in transactions.
A diversified portfolio of 10 deals already starting from $100,000
The best assets in the world are not liquid, funds with a large share need to wait for a liquidity event (listing on the stock exchange, IPO or M&A transactions).

Tokenization opens up an opportunity for a retail investor to exit ahead of schedule, digital rights in the form of tokens can be freely sold or transferred on the secondary market via Blockchain.
Early exit from the transaction without waiting for the listing
After the application, we will send you 2 materials that will help you better understand the strategies, their risks and opportunities
Fill out the questionnaire and get a personal offer and a detailed analysis of the fund's 2 strategies
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The fund does not provide guarantees regarding investment returns and is not responsible for losses associated with investing in the fund. In addition, the information on this website is not a recommendation or offer to buy or sell securities or other financial instruments.